Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

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Swimming Pool Safety Inspection

Did you know that:

Swimming pool owners are required to register their swimming pools on an online register, which is provided by the NSW State Government. By registering, pool owners are stating that their pool fence complies with all safety standards and regulations.

Did you know…

There is a penalty for owners who fail to register a pool.

And did you know that:

Pool owners will require a compliance certificate before sale or lease of their property.

The Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 commenced on 29 October 2012 made the amendments mentioned above to the Pools Act 1992.

How we can be of assistance:

Quality Building Inspections offers Swimming Pool Inspections.

Clients can be assured that at the time of registration of their swimming pool fence it will comply with all safety standards and regulations.

Existing owners: Our qualified inspectors will visit and identify any non-compliance issues. If any issues are identified the client will be provided with a report detailing how to make the pool comply with all safety standards.
Potential Buyers and Lessors: Clients who are looking to lease or buy a property that has a swimming pool, it is recommended to have an inspection carried out on the pool and the equipment.

Call our pool safety inspectors in Sydney on 1800 656 343 to make sure your swimming pool is a safe place for your children and your family.

Register your pool here: http://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au/pooldb/pgOwnerLanding

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