Thorough Termite Inspection

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Thorough Termite Inspection

Pre Purchase Termite Inspection

As well as using the latest technology for our termite inspections, we also use the old fashioned methods of finding termites in and around your home. A visual termite inspection outside of timber structures, trees and gardens helps us to spot signs of timber pests, such as termites, and conditions conducive to timber termite attack, such as leaking plumbing, poor drainage, incomplete ant capping and ground heights around the weep holes.

On the inside we test the soundness of timbers in skirting boards, door and window frames using the “tap” test, lifting carpets where applicable, and use a moisture scan on internal walls.


Common Areas of Infestation

  • Formwork timbers
  • Stored timber or cardboard
  • Damp subfloor
  • Inaccessible areas or low to ground flooring voids
  • Retaining walls with railway sleepers
  • Bushland and/or large trees or vegetations in close proximity to your home

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