Drainage Improvements – Essential

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Drainage Improvements – Essential

Not having adequate drainage around the home can cause multiple issues and damage. Inadequate drainage not only causes moisture damage, wood rot, mould and deterioration to the buildings foundations, it also invites and attracts termites to your property.

All these problems can be avoided by installing the proper drainage system around your property.
Inadequate Drainage

A. Inadequate drainage evident at the back of the property.

B. Water seeping through subfloor area, blocked vents were also evident.

C. Pools of stagnant water were evident in the subfloor area.

D. Inadequate drainage and inadequate ventilation within the subfloor caused high moisture to floor boards and skirting boards, resulting in extensive damage.


E. Inadequate drainage and inadequate ventilation cause mould infestation.

WARNING: Health Hazard!!

Mould spores are a source of indoor air pollution. Airborne mould spores can produce allergic reactions in sensitive people. Symptoms of mould infestation can be respiratory problems (wheezing and difficulty to breath), nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation (burning, watery, red, blurry vision, and light sensitivity), dry, hacking coughs, sore throats, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath, central nervous system problems (headaches, memory problems, and mood swings), aches and pains, and possible fevers.

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