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It’s Your Responsibility!

Your swimming pool at home should be a safe place for your children and your family to relax, enjoy and have fun!

Are you thinking of Leasing, Buying or Selling a property with a Swimming pool in Sydney?

Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in very young children who lack the cognitive and water skills to deal with the danger?

With over 300,000 backyard pools in NSW, swimming pool safety is a very important issue that affects the whole community.

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In 2012, a comprehensive review of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 was finalised. This review identified a number of amendments designed to enhance the safety of children under the age of five years around private (‘backyard’) swimming pools in NSW.

What you need to know as a swimming pool owner:

The Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 commenced on 29 October 2012 and makes a number of amendments to the Pools Act 1992

  • Swimming pool owners will be required to register their swimming pools on an online register, which is to be provided by the NSW State Government; coming online by 29 April 2013 . By registering pool owners are stating that their pool fence complies with all safety standards and regulations. Are you certain that yours does?
  • There is a penalty for owners who fail to register a pool.
  • Pool owners will require a compliance certificate before sale or lease of their property from 29 April 2014 onwards.

How can we help you with this?

The most important thing we offer to our valuable clients is peace of mind. By using our Quality swimming pool safety inspectors, you can be assured that at the time of registry your swimming pool fence complies with all safety standards and regulations. Our inspectors will come out to your property and inspect your fence; identifying any non compliance issues. If any issues of non compliancy are identified the client will be provided with a list of issues and also a report detailing how to make your fence a complying fence.

Pool Safety is a very serious concern, by using our quality inspection you are taking the necessary steps to keep your children, friends and family safe. Book an inspection today so you will be confident when registering that your fence complies with all safety standards.

Do you want to buy a property  in Sydney with swimming pool?

Another area in which our clients are benefiting from using our Quality swimming Pool Inspection is when purchasing a new property with a swimming pool. If you are looking to buy or leasing a property that has a swimming pool it is recommended to have an inspection carried out on the pool and the equipment. Our inspectors will provide you with a detailed report on the pool fence and its equipment. Our pool safety inspection services covers all areas around Sydney.

Call our pool safety inspectors in Sydney on 1800 656 343 to make sure your swimming pool is a safe place for your children and your family.

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