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Did you know that termites cause one Billion Dollars Damage to Australian Homes Every Year?

One in Three homes is infested. Most home insurances do not cover termite damage. You are at Risk. Don’t be next because termites cause more damage to Australian homes each year more than fire and flood yet you have no insurance against them. “Don’t leave it to chance, let us put your mind to rest”

 Our Pre Purchase Termite inspection in Sydney covers all accessible areas including:

  • External areas (walls, roof line, eaves, gutters, paths, driveways etc)
  • Garage / Carport
  • Out buildings (other buildings on the property such as sheds etc)
  • Under floor area (where an accessible sub floor is present)
  • Internal areas
  • Roofing timbers

We inspect termite damage to timber frames or elsewhere, any past termite activities, poor condition of the roofing materials and site drainage issues.

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Quality Building Inspections Sydney is a licensed, registered and insured inspection company with a wealth of experience in the Building & Pest Inspection industry. Quality Building Inspection provides Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection services in Sydney and with our team of experts we also offer 100% environmentally and pet friendly termite treatment and prevention systems for a fair price. Check out areas serviced.

For the best termite inspection result we use the most advanced tools in the Termite Inspection industry including:

  • Thermal Imaging Camera (using the Infrared Technology)
  • Moisture Meters
  • Experienced eyes!

We help you to see what is not available to you during open inspections.

Our Additional Termite Treatment Services in Sydney:

  • Termite Prevention Systems
  • Sub Floor Chemical Treatment
  • Chemical Barrier Treatment
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments

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