Useful Facts about Swimming Pool Inspection

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Useful Facts about Swimming Pool Inspection

Having a swimming pool is a real pleasure, especially when you have kids. For your kids’ sake you should know some useful facts about Swimming Pool Inspection.

In 2008, the NSW Swimming Pool Act was introduced to improve pool safety for children. The most effective way to prevent children from drowning is a child-resistant barrier, consisting of fencing of a height no less than 1.2 metres. Doors and gates providing access to the pool area must be kept securely closed at all times when not in actual use.

As a fence can be climbed or the gate kept accidentally open, make sure to always supervise children around the pool at all times!

Are you sure your pool complies with the latest Australian Standard?

These and many other questions will be cleared with a Swimming Pool Inspection provided by Quality Building Inspection. Our aim is to keep your children safe!

Call our pool safety inspectors in Sydney on 1800 656 343 to make sure your swimming pool is a safe place for your children and your family.

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