Combined Pre Purchase Building & Pre Purchase Termite Inspection

 “We help you to see what is not available to you during open inspections”

At quality Building Inspection we understand that purchasing your next property can be a very stressful time. That’s why for your convenience we offer a combined inspection package to save your valuable time and simplify your inspection needs.

We offer:

Pre Purchase Building Inspection priced at $420 and the Pre Purchase Termite Inspection priced at $249 Together as a package for only $548 (Including Moisture Testing).

Saving you up to $121 on our Quality Inspections.
Book our Combined Pre Purchase Inspections and your Thermal Imaging Inspection will be only $185.

Please note that we do a thorough quality inspection and we do not use any applications or other shortcuts. Our inspection is extensive and we will spend a good two hours or more on the property.

Although it is not mandatory, our Termite Inspection Report comes with another Photo Report which is a service unique to our company. We crawl to all those hard to access areas including your subfloor and roof void and inspect for any reason that may cause problem within the property – areas that the majority of inspectors may claim ‘No access’. If for whatever reason there is no access for us you will receive photo evidence supporting our claim.

We point out all those areas needing attention and our valuable recommendations help you reduce the chance of future termite infestation. After inspection we will discuss your options for prevention treatment if you are interested.

To Book our Combined Pre Purchase Inspections, Call us on 1800 656 343.

“Quality Building Inspection, quality in everything we do”

combined termite and building inspection