Experienced Eyes

We believe that nothing can replace experience and quality. With Quality Building Inspections Sydney, you have your inspection done with experienced eyes:

  • We have been in the business for years
  • We have accomplished a large number of quality inspections
  • We use the latest technology in the industry, such as the Thermal Imaging Camera
  • We don’t use fancy applications to keep it simple, rather,  we spend a good two hours on your premises
  • We will provide you with a unique and detailed report
  • We make sure you don’t waste your money

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report contains detailed information on the property, such as

  • Cracking to the dwellings/building elements
  • Leaking showers and/or shower screen
  • Leaking down pipes
  • Wood decay damage (to the floor framing timbers and/or leaking shower areas within the subfloor)
  • Inadequate ant-capping within the subfloor area
  • Broken/missing/cracked roof tiles or roofing sheets
  • Poorly fitted roof flashings
  • Flawed boundary retaining walls
  • Blocked weep holes
  • Visual Inspection of Damp Proof Course
  • And more…

Even though it is not a mandatory requirement, Quality Building Inspection, Sydney provides a report with photographs that illustrate any problems (or lack thereof). Photographs give you a clearer understanding of the problems at hand at the time of the inspection. They are also a form of visual evidence and a proven fact for both the seller and the purchaser in any future negotiations they may become involved or entangled in.

Naturally, in our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection reports we address all areas of the property as per AS4349-0, 1 and 3 of 2007 and 2010 series of Australian Standards.

Don’t hesitate and contact Quality Building Inspection toll-free on 1800 656 343 today!